How To Become a Member

Membership is open to everybody. To become a member, you need to fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Fill a membership application form
  2. Pay an entrance fee of 2,000FCFA
  3. Buy 50 shares of 1,000FCFA equivalent to 50,000FCFA
  4. Pay a building fee of 10,000FCFA
  5. A copy of national identity card
  6. Submit two passport size photographs and an account will be opened to you.



  1. Submit a sign application indicating when he decision was taken to open an account in BaCCUL
  2. Submit the legal documents of the group (Certificate of incorporation, authorization etc.)
  3. Submit two passport size photos and copies of identity cards each for 03 of the signatories.
  4. Pay an entrance fee of 2000frs
  5. Pay a building fee of 10.000frs
  6. Buy 50 shares of 1.000 FRS equivalent to 50.000 FRS.