About BaCCUL

History of Bayelle Cooperative Credit Union Ltd

The Bayelle Cooperative Credit Union which has been bearing golden Fruits in the Nkwen Land was started by drivers of Nkwen park residence in Ndamukong Street in 1985. The union started as a discussion group and the minimum amount to be contributed by each member was fixed at 100 FRS (one hundred francs) and shares per member were 1,000 FRS (one thousand francs). Total amount contributed for the first day was 13,600 FRS (thirteen thousand six hundred francs). The group was opened to the general public especially to the inhabitants of Ndamukong Street. Most people were encouraged to join the group and the first president was Mr. Wankwei Martin Forkara

The first General Assembly of the group took place at Ndamukong Hall on the 29th of March 1987 and the name Bayelle credit union came into being. The following were elected to manage the affairs of the union.

President: Mr. Ndamukong Clement

Vice President: Mr.Ndzinwa Abraham

Treasurer: Mr. Forkwen Patrick

Others:  Chia Emmanuel, Mrs. Azih Thesia, Mr. Tabifor George

Mr. Chongsi Emmanuel was appointed to keep the books of the union. Mr. Tah Banseka and Nforbin Lawrence represented CamCCUL in the meeting.

The union had a problem of a stable place of operations. The union was meeting every Sunday at Pa Forbi’s house and later moved to Pa Tabifor George’s house all at Ndamukong Street. Business was very slow and it was moved to Nkwen Market but no solution. The growth rate was still very slow. Members decided that a place should be looked along the road from Nkwen Market to Foncha Street Junction. Finally an office was opened at Mile II Nkwen at Pa Fonta’s house. This did not last for long as the development of the town made the union to be stranded again till when they had a site at Mile II Junction Nkwen. By the end of 1987, membership stood at 40 members with a total share savings of 1,700,525 FRS (one million seven hundred thousand five hundred and twenty five francs), total loan outstanding stood at 258,500 FRS (two hundred and fifty eight thousand five hundred francs).

The Bayelle Cooperative Credit Union was registered with the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League (CamCCUL) on the 13th December 1993.

The following had served as presidents of BACCUL

Mr. Wankwei Martin 1985 – 1987
Mr. Ndamukong Clement 1987 – 1991
Mr. Ndangeh Emmanuel  1991 – 1992
Mr. Tabifor George Ambe  1992 – 1995
Mr. Cheo Patrick Niba  1995 – 2001
Mr. Fusi John Neba 2001 – 2004
Mr. Mungu John 2004 – 2007
Mr. Fusi John Niba 2007 – 2013
Mr. Atanga Julius Fongu   2013 – Current.